Remember Mental Rest


Today’s work isn’t always physically tiresome. Many of us work more with our brains than bodies. So do I as a blogger. All the ideas for my photos and posts are born and developed in my brain. That thinking process never stops and can be very tiring sometimes. I´m the only one to set the limits to that process. I just need skills to do that.

Our bodies need rest and relaxation to be able to work well. Everyone of us needs to sleep enough and eat healthy to stay well. Yes, that´s what we´ve been taught already for decades.

But what about the mental rest? Do we remember that also our mind and brain need rest and relaxation to work well and stay healthy? Do we give them enough time to recover from work and nourish them with relaxing activities?

I don´t, I have to admit. I´d like to but I´m very bad at it. I´m already quite skillful to look after my physical rest but mental rest is more difficult subject for me. I´ve recently recognized painfully well that I strain my brain too much and give it way too little time to rest. I need to learn to set the limits to my thinking and give my mind a chance to rest and recharge.

That´s what I promise to learn to do. Not only during vacations but also in the middle of normal work and family life. Because after all, body and mind are one. It’s equally important to take care of your physical as your mental wellbeing.


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