A Good Start For The Day


A peaceful start for the day. That’s a thing that I’ve tried to have in my everyday life this year.

Sometimes I’ve got up before the children and read a book alone while having breakfast. Sometimes I’ve done a bit of stretching or even my yoga practice.


This morning it was a morning swim in lake Puruvesi. I woke up earlier than others to have a chance to eat my breakfast in peace and quietness. After that, I went for a swim. For a short while, I swam and enjoyed the beauty and calmness of the lake nature around me.


An hour after my swim we were already going to Kerimäki harbor and about to sit in the car. The rest of the day was full of things to do at the grandma’s.


My breakfast and swim took only a half an hour. Still, those peaceful 30 minutes were so important for my wellbeing. They gave me a perfect start for the busy day. And they made me more determined to arrange such moments to my working mom’s everyday life in the future too!

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