Good Summer, Despite the Weather


Finnish summer is short and looks like this year it is going to be even shorter. The spring was cold and we got the greenness to nature later than in ages. Because of all that the weather has been on everyone’s lips, and not in a positive sense.

Harvesting rhubarbs for rhubarb pie -

What to do to make things better? That’s what I was thinking when I was getting rhubarbs from my parents’ farm for the pie. (By the way, here’s my rhubarb pie recipe!)

You can watch this 360° video on mobile by opening this link in your Youtube App. For the best experience, use virtual reality headset and remember to turn on HD! 

After pondering on the weather for a while, the only thought that came into my mind was “Do not think about the weather” (unless it’s necessary because of your work or such).

Slicing up the rhubarbs for rhubarb pie -

It’s in our human nature to notice the negative things first, but there are always – and I really mean always – some positive sides present at the same time, too.

Baking Finnish rhubarb pie -

We can affect many things in life but not the weather. So, don’t let something you can’t have power over to decide what kind of a day or mood you’re going to have.

I don’t mean that bad weather can’t annoy you at all. It can! 

If chilly or rainy weather happens on your holiday or day offs, it’s ok to let it bother you. In fact, to get over some negative feeling, it is important to let yourself to truly feel it instead of denying it or putting it aside.

But after feeling it, recognize the feeling and its effect on you. Then process your feeling and let it go.

Just say “Screw it!” (if nothing else helps). Change plans, and move on.

What I mean is that do not get stuck with your irritation. Otherwise, it will prevent you from seeing and enjoying all the good things that are present in that very moment.

(Even though the fact is that weather affects us in many ways, it’s good to keep in mind the subtitle of World of Psychology’s article “Weather doesn’t have to impact our mood”.

Back at the farm, when the rhubarb pie was ready, we were on our way to visit our friend family to have an afternoon coffee with them and pick up some firewood. As I stepped outside, I sure was annoyed to put on a beanie even though it was already summer. But then again the day was sunny and the colors in the trees and nature so bright. And when I was pan-frying Puruvesi vendace for a late dinner, I thought that it would had been totally dark already by that time in the winter.

Puruvesi vendace from Lake Saimaa -

I also realized that actually, I haven’t watched weather forecasts since our children were born. When they were babies, I didn’t have time to do it but nowadays I just don’t feel the need for it.

Over the years, I have noticed it’s better to just look out of the window and note “OK, today we’re going to have this kind of a weather. Let’s build the day around that!”

And you know what? In the long run, I remember more moments when the weather has surprised me positively than negatively.

A big thing for me has been not to have preconceptions about the day’s weather. Just taking the life, moment by moment, as it comes.

Summer day in Saimaa, Finnish Lakeland -

And surprise, surprise: the next summer day here in Saimaa was so warm that no beanies or jackets were needed!


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