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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 258th Way

I know I know…again a post about food… It´s just that late summer and autumn is so amazing time to have fresh food – from the vegetable garden and from the forest. It keeps inspiring me to write 🙂

Cooking together as a family was the thing this day. We cooked basically the whole day. Besides the days food we prepared some of the next weeks` food beforehand and made ready-to-eat freezer meals.

Cooking is so fun and relaxing when you can do it without hurry and with good company. Good way to spend Sunday!


In the morning I baked rye bread with Unna.


For lunch the lasagne was ready.


After lunch I sliced some apples with our girls to dry…


…and for next day´s apple pie.


At the same time my husband made garlic soup.


In the afternoon we made also ostrich-vegetable wok and chicken-vegetable wok with rice.


After dinner dried apple slices were ready.


And in the evening we still made strawberry soup. Quite a cooking Sunday!

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