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We were visiting Unna’s godparents this day. Usually when that happens we cook food together. Cooking food together is something we love to do and want to make the most of it. This day it was about home made spelt-nettle pasta with tomato-funnel chantarelle sauce made by Unna and Anne 🙂 Yummy!

Usually we buy pasta ready and make the sauce by ourselves but this time it was home made from start to finish. It was also slow food. There are many definitions for slow food but here’s what it is for me: Slow food is food made from fresh ingredients without a hurry. It´s cooking where cooking in itself is as important as the result. The idea is not to make everything slowly, but to have no haste. To really think what you’re doing, being patient and put some effort into it. So the slowness doesn’t necessarily relate to time spend but rather to the way in which everything is made. So the slowness kind of comes with the package. Or to be more precise, it’s actually relaxedness that comes with it!

So if you ask me it´s so worth to putting time and effort to cooking whenever it’s possible! Slow food means not only delicious food but also good time 🙂










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