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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 322nd Way

Every year should contain a few highlights. Those special occasions or events to wait for, things that really make wonders for your wellbeing. This is especially important for mothers who are taking care of their small children at home! Their everyday life is full of routines, day after day. Highlights make everyday life feel better and give energy to manage its challenges.

The best highlights for me this year have been offered by Globe Hope. Thank you!! (You´ll find all of my Globe Hope posts so far here). Working with them has given me a chance to dive into the world of fashion. World that is totally new to me, but that I´d like to get to know more in the future. However, I do want to be well from inside out in the future too!

Starting the journey to the world of sustainable fashion at time when my life is full of breastfeeding and diper changing has been challenging and full of surprises. I think maybe EXACTLY that´s the reason why my co-operation with Globe Hope have offered the biggest highlights for me. One important reason is the contrast between my everyday look (that is more or less like this) and the look that I´ve been able to experience because of Globe Hope (for example like this). I think I don´t need to explain it any further – every mother who have stayed some years at home with their children knows what I´m talking about 😉

This day me, Liilia and my little sister Marianne visited again at Globe Hope in Nummela. This time it was Globe Hope´s Arctic City autumn/winter collection 2013-14 that brought us there. Trying on the clothes, posing and photographing was as challenging as usual because of our little princess. Liilia was like at home at Globe Hope, crawling from one place to another and investigating clothes. We took turns in entertaining Liilia so that we were able to get things done. We needed a little bit of creativity to be able to that but it was so worth the effort!

This visit and all the beautiful new Globe Hope clothes that I was able to take with me were definitely the highlight of the autumn for this mother! And Liilia – well, she slept long after getting to know to the world of fashion 😉

You’ll find more about the Globe Hope´s Arctic City autumn/winter collection 2013-14 collection in the following post. Here are some photos of our photographing afternoon in Nummela.

Btw this first green skirt below is Tinja skirt from Globe Hope´s classic collection. Looks good or what?! I´ve been looking for a good and relaxed skirt to wear just at home already for a while. And now I found it! Happy happy 🙂
















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