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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 227th Way

This is something you’ve seen me done before (many times!). Freezing berries and other food too. I think there is something special about it. When you preserve food you actually preserve memories. You pour them into a small plastic box and save them for later. And when you open the box in the middle of the winter you remember. You remember the trip in the forest, laughter and joy, warm summer and sunny days. You brighten the dark winter day a bit.

I think one of our friends has a nice way of taking this a little bit further. They actually write on the box what kind of a weather it has been when they picked up the berries. A great way of making your memories more vivid!

We are a family of squirrels. We want to preserve as much food as possible for the coming winter. We fill up our freezer first and when there’s no space left, we spread our boxes to grandparents’ freezers. I sometimes think that is some kind of an instinct that drives us to do so. But oh boy it feel good to have a piece of summer in your freezer during the winter! And like squirrels, we also forget eventually where we left our food 🙂


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