Relaxation Technique With The Help Of Nature Sounds


We all have our own ways to relieve stress. One goes for a yoga class, another to gym. But what to do if you feel awful and you have only couple of minutes to take care of yourself?


I’ve learned many relaxation and stress relief techniques over the years. After my burnout many of them have included nature. The reason is simple: I’ve found them most effective.

Now it’s time to start sharing those stress management tips and practices with you.


Some years ago my mom was very stressed. One morning I texted her. I sent her guidelines for this relaxation technique based on nature sounds.

Couple of hours later she texted back: “I did like you told me to do. It was so simple but made me feel much more relaxed! Thank you!”

Here’s what I asked my mom to do (and what I often do myself too):


1. Go out and sit down comfortably (Put on warm clothes).


2. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders and your whole body. Breathe deeply and peacefully.


3. Move your focus from yourself to nature sounds around you. Concentrate on listening.

If your thoughts go back to yourself or you hear some other sounds, do not become irritated. Just move your focus gently back to nature sounds; wind, water, birds.

Let your mind and body relax. And give yourself a stress-free moment of stillness and quietness.


4. Just be for a minute or two.

After the practice enjoy your feeling for a while before you stand up and continue your day.


If you’re interested to read more about wellbeing effects of nature sounds here’s a study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The result was “after psychological stress, physiological recovery of sympathetic activation is faster during exposure to pleasant nature sounds than to less pleasant noise.

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