On The Way To Simple Living: Learn Mindfulness


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Before: How I used to live?

  • My days and head were full of thoughts and things to do.
  • I thought that my ability to affect my mind is very limited. I thought there is no other way to be than what I had been.


Changes: What changes I´ve made to my life since I started to pay more attention to my wellbeing and simplify my life?


After: What kind of positive effects I´ve noticed now that I´ve been able to get closer to Living Simply.

  • I feel more relaxed: Better balance in life means better control over your mind. It helps you to achieve a relaxed body and mind. Being relaxed gives joy in your life.
  • I enjoy and get more out of life: Less quantity, more quality. The depth of life reveals itself when you have more time and energy to concentrate on living it.
  • My skills on time and life management have improved: The better you learn to control your calendar and your mind, the better control you have over your whole life. Good time and life management support wellbeing and mindfulness.
  • I´ve found a more mindful way of being: Mindfulness grows naturally in your life when you have less things to do and less worries to think.
  • My understanding about learning has widened: When you learn to take your thoughts and emotions under your own control, you´re not on their leash anymore. Both controlling your mind and being mindful are skills that you can practice and learn in the same way as any other skills in life.

Next time you can read about how working and taking care of the children is possible at the same time.

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