Let Yourself To Be Miserable


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 86th Way

I have a sore stomach, a sore back, a headache and I feel like throwing up all the time. And I`m as tired as yesterday. Nice…

I think it´s unreasonable that a woman who have just stood the pain of birth and who’s been able to sleep the whole night a half year ago needs to stand this kind of menstrual pain!

It was already depressing enough that my periods started this soon after giving birth even though Liilia doens`t get anything else than breast milk (often woman`s periods doesn´t start before she finishes breastfeeding). More depressing was to notice that in my case they`ve gotten worse! After one labor my periods were already a little bit more painful. And now after two they are even more painful! Unreasonable or what?!

There are days when it´s better to let yourself be blue than to try to force yourself to smile. This is another that kind of a day in my life. I feel miserable. Period(s)! This day I just try to survive through the day. Stand the pain and take care of necessities, hoping that tomorrow would be less painful.

This day the best thing that I can do for my wellbeing is letting myself to be miserable!

No photos about me this day either. Instead here`s some old photos of mine about the beautiful flowers in our kitchen. Flowers look always more beautiful than a miserable person.




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