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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 40th Way

The fact is when you sleep enough everything is easier. But what is enough? Normally I`d say that 8 hours of sleep is enough for me. In an ideal situation I would sleep 8 hours per night. However at the moment an ideal situation seldom happens in my case – it actually never happens at the moment!

For me it`s better to forget that 8 hours per night. Enough sleep for me, a mother of a newborn and a toddler, is 6 hours per night. I can survive with 4-5 hours but not for long. Right after the labor I had days when I needed to survive with 2-3 hours of sleep. “To survive” is exactly right word to describe life with 2-3 hours sleep…

Hormons help a mother who is breastfeeding to live with less sleep. But it doesn`t change the fact that it`s not enjoyable to live with a sleep debt. That`s why I was very happy this Saturday morning when my husband took care of our girls. And I was able to sleep a couple of hours longer. It felt so good to have a little bit of extra sleep!


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