Benefits Of Outdoor Life To Children


Two weeks outdoor life behind and I´ve used my bikinis just few times. Finnish summer didn´t show its warmest side during June. Hopefully it will in July!

Even thought the weather has been chilly in Finland, our family have enjoyed living in our boat home. One of the biggest reasons for that has been the joy of our children. Extra clothes haven´t bothered them and they have wholeheartedly enjoyed the time outdoors and all that nature has offered to them.

Liilia´s and Unna´s joy inspired me to make a list about the benefits of outdoor life to children and their parents. And to their wellbeing of course!  Here´s what I´ve found…


Note! To enjoy these benefits you don´t need to LIVE on a boat (or in nature) with your children. It’s enough to BE outdoors with your children regularly in your everyday life.

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