Thank You Nature! Again.


Nowadays companies are marketing their products very well. Salespersons speak very convincingly and make you believe that you really need stuff that they’re selling. Or that your children need. The product they’re selling help you to grow and develop. To be active and intelligent. To be on the top of the game.

This game promotes the development of your child´s linguistic skills. This toy promotes the development of your child´s motoric skills. These clothes help your children to move better and be active. We all have heard this many times.

With the second child you already know what your child really needs. It’s easier for you to close your ears and eyes and act according to your own instinct and knowledge. But with the first child it’s more challenging. You´re unexperienced with the children and you´re more unsure. On the other hand with the second or third child, the challenges are different. When you´re tired or when you’re feeling bad for not giving enough attention to your children, you easily fall prey to those alluring sales speeches and buy something unnecessary to your children. And you justify your behavior by saying to yourself “this is good for your child´s development”.

This Sunday our family had a walk together. We played at the playground and went to see the Olavinlinna castle. Lots of ducks and some swans were there. Our girls went crazy! For the next hour they were running around and having fun by chasing the ducks.

Thank you nature! Again. I thought. Like so many times before nature offered the best stimulus to our children. There were no need for any toys or games. All that our girls needed to get the day´s excercise was time to go out together as a family. That was more than enough for them!

And what comes to clothes, recycled winter clothes and rain pants didn´t seem to bother or slow down our girls at all.









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