Nurture Your Inner Fire



Inner fire. Inner flame. The fire of life in all of us.

I thought about it tonight when the children had fallen asleep and me and my husband were sitting by the campfire on an Petri island on lake Puruvesi.

I thought how important the inner fire is for our life and wellbeing. And how important it is to fight against the stress and hurry so that we don´t become too exhausted. So that the fire inside of us wouldn’t die out.

Simplifying our lives, making time and having energy to nurture our inner fire.

That´s what we ought to do. Because in the end the inner fire is the beginning of everything.

It is the thing that helps us to face the challenges we never imagined to see. It gives us strength to heal from severe illnesses. To overcome any obstacle.

It is the fundamental force in us all.

The fire of life.

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