Use Baby Carrier To Give Your Baby AND YOU A Feeling Of Closeness


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My husband says that I`m silly because I want to keep our baby so close to me all the time. Not close like in a same room with me, but close like on my lap. Silly or not I can`t help that my maternal instincts say that the lap is the best place for a newborn!

I try to keep Liilia on my lap as much as I can. I did the same thing with our firstborn. However it makes me sad because with Liilia there are less opportunities and time to do that. I`m sad because of Liilia but I`m also sad because of me. The fact is that it`s not only Liilia who is enjoying being on her mother`s lap. It`s also the mother, me who is enjoying the closeness of her baby!

I`ve thought about ways to increase possibilities to keep Liilia on my lap and to do housework, play with Unna or do blogging at the same time. One great help is a baby carrier! Liilia likes to be in it and she also sleeps really well. And I can keep Liilia on my lap and have both hands free at the same time.

So this day when Unna was taking her afternoon nap, I put Liilia in the cloth baby carrier while I did some photo editing. It was so nice to listen to my baby sniffling on my lap while working. It felt good for us both!







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