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One of the oldest methods of preserving food is by drying. Nowadays we use electrical food dehydrators but it wasn’t a long ago when there were no such gadgets. People dried their food in many ways, for example outside in the wind or on the top of the masonry ovens.  In Finland saunas were also used to dry food.

This day I had a chance to witness one of those old drying methods that is still in use at the countryside. After we had harvested our onions my mother first “pre-dried” them for two weeks in the hayloft. After that she put them on the top of their masonry oven. There they stayed for another two weeks sucking in dry and warm air of the oven. And that’s all that’s needed. Now our onions stay good for months.

And now to the topic of this post… Drying food is very efficient way of preserving food and vitamins. It’s also ecological. Even more ecological it gets if you take advantage of residual heat, heat of the electric ovens and stoves, or Sauna for that matter. You can also use other heat sources which you would also normally use, like radiators.

Now our onions are dried without any electricity. That green way of preserving made me happy this day!



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