Happiness is unconditional love and kindness


“Dogs make me happy. Actually I`d like to be more like dogs. I`d like to be able to love as unconditionally and purely as dogs.

People`s unexpected goodness and kindness makes me happy. I appreciate empathic and compassionate people. People who have courage to be themselves.

I`m not a person who would remember to become happy out of little things in life. I always expect and wish something big. I admit  that at times I live too much in the past or in the future. I`m not always present in this moment. I`m a “what if” person who wonders inside her own head. Who enjoys to immerse herself in the world of movies, beautiful pictures and books. Good party, bell hem skirts, an exactly right color lipstick and impractical high heels makes me happy. Super feminine and vain things make me glad. And still baking buns, heating a sauna, finding wild strawberries and climbing a tree are as important for my wellbeing.

I feel that it is a comforting thought that this moment is precious. This moment has never happened before and will never happen again. And that I am not ready yet but in a constant change as a human being.

I hope that I`m able to grow a more compassionate, more balanced and happier person. I want to learn not to think about too much. I want to learn find spontaneity and freedom to my life.”

The pictures of this post are not Christmas pictures. However, I think Essi`s thoughts about her sources of happiness and wellbeing fit well to this Christmas and New Year.



Lately I´ve introduced you to people who have helped me with my blog. Essi is one of them. I got to know Essi via my little sister, Marianne. I admire Essi`s creativiness. You can see Essi`s creativeness and graphical expressions in her blog “Bird girls can fly“.

I saw Essi last summer. I asked her if she could draw me a map of Finland. A map of Europe with Finland and Saimaa in it. So that I could put it in my blog to show everyone where I`m writing from. Here`s one drawing that she did to me. I was so happy how good and precise it was. You can see how the map ended up to my blog from here.


From now on it’s all about our family`s Christmas preparations and pictures 😉

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