Recipe For Pain Relief Ginger Tea


“Well, you can just continue taking rheumatic medicine if they keep your pain away.”

Doctor’s words amazed me. In my head, I heard the voice saying to her “But my laboratory test results said that I don’t have arthritis or any other kind of rheumatic disease.”

I decided to stay quiet and leave.

At home, it was clear that I would NOT continue taking pills without a diagnosis. Instead, I took my laptop and googled “joint pain food herbs”.

That’s when I found ginger.recipe for ginger tea to relieve joint pain

After my google search, it was clear too that I should try ginger tea. So I made tea and AN HOUR later my pain was almost totally away. I was stunned!

“For many individuals, ginger can be just as effective as ibuprofen for arthritic pain relief, only without the nasty side-effects.”

Those words were from Natural Society’s article 6 Foods And Herbs For Arthritis And Other Inflammatory Pain.

“Ginger has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and treat inflammatory conditions”,

I read from Medical News Today’s article Ginger: Health Benefits, Facts, Research.

That day my relationship with food changed, for good.

Food was no longer just food; it became my medicine.

ingredients for pain relief ginger teaSo this is what I often do when I work the whole day at home: In the morning, I make ginger tea out of 1 liter of water. I put it into a thermos bottle. And I drink my tea during the day.

The recipe can’t be simpler than this but I show it to you anyway.

Recipe For Pain Relief Ginger Tea:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 3 cm fresh ginger
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey

chopping ginger for pain relief ginger tea1. Boil water & chop ginger.

You can peel ginger, but it’s not necessary (I often don’t).

You can also grate ginger. I’m used to just chop it into small pieces.

boiling water with fresh ginger 2. Add ginger into boiling water.

And then comes the most important point…ginger tea simmering

3. Let your tea simmer 10-15 minutes to bring out the best out of ginger.

filtering homemade ginger tea for pain relief4. Filter your tea and finish it with lemon juice and honey.

Lemon and honey not only add flavor but bring additional health benefits to your tea; vitamin C and antibacterial properties, that is.adding lemon juice and honey for pain relief ginger tea

If you think your tea is too strong, just add some water in it. I like my tea very strong.

And then let’s get to work!

Ginger has also other health benefits, like antioxidant and gastrointestinal relief effect.

That’s why it’s definitely worth considering to include it to your daily diet.

let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food quoteThere are many good things in Western medicine. However after I started to search reasons for my joint and other physical pains I’ve come face-to-face with its weaknesses. No talking about diet or other lifestyle choices, just thinking about medicine and pills that I could use.

“Well, you can just continue taking rheumatic medicine if they keep your pain away.” That comment was so sad if you ask me. So sad.

My google search was the beginning. After that, I’ve also found other natural remedies that relieve my pains. Stories about those experiences coming up.

But now, I’m gonna have another cup of my “joint warming” ginger tea!

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