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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 271st Way

Some time ago I wrote about how important it is for the parents of small children to talk to each other to avoid loosing the connection between the spouses. Talking is important but I’ve also noticed that there are different ways of communication that help us to keep the connection from disappearing. I’ve tried to think about ways how to improve communication in our relationship and not long ago I bought us some Finnish word magnets. (Word magnets in English you can buy for example from Magnetic Poetry.)

This day I looked at the fridge door and saw that my husband had written a beautiful poem for me. It felt good to find a new way to talk with him. I have also made some poems for him, and yes, we still also talk to each other face to face in case you wonder 🙂

It goes something like this…

In shared living
Electric romance
Horny desire


More freedom
Travel companion you are
Beautiful from inside

To love is to understand





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