Take Joy In Your Child’s Development


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 144th Way

There’s a recommendation in Finland that mothers should breastfeed their babies until they’re six months old. I´ve done that because I haven´t have any problems with breastfeeding. I´m very happy about that because I know that it´s something that you can’t take for granted.

Liilia just turned six months. She is now learning to eat solid food and practicing drinking water from the mug.

Smashed potatoes and carrots. That´s Liilia´s day´s dish now. While I was feeding her it strucked to me how good it feels to see your baby grow and develop. Until now I haven’t been able to be away more than 3 hours. This time is growing longer now. 🙂 And that special night when I’m able to sleep the whole night through without waking up is getting closer too!




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