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Appreciate your mother-in-law

Mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. A relationship that is not the easiest one. An endless bowl of sarcastic jokes.

This day my mother-in-law brought me these beautiful flowers. It felt good and made me think how happy I am to have her in our life.

I don´t always agree with my mother-in-law. But I´m sure she doesn´t agree with me either. In spite of that I feel that we appreciate each other. We´ve learned to appreciate and understand each other more and more; I especially after becoming a mother and she after learning to know me better.

I appreciate big and small things that she does for me and my family. Like that she takes care of our daughters when needed and she saves all her Kauneus & Terveys (Beauty & Health) -magazines for me.

Happy Mother´s Day my mother-in-law! I´m really glad you exist and I want you to know that you´re an important person to me!







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