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Do spring cleaning

Three months ago I was shoveling snow at my parents´farm so that Unna was able to go to the playhouse. This day I was cleaning the same playhouse for the summer.

Of all cleaning projects spring cleaning must be the most pleasant one. It´s nice to prepare things for the summer and at the same time plan activities for the coming swelter days.

Even though our playhouse is old and worn out, it’s full of golden childhood memories. It was great to sit down for a moment after the cleaning and watch the pictures we had made with my sisters many many years ago.  While making those I wouldn’t have believed that my own daughter would some day play in that very same playhouse!

Spring cleaning of the playhouse – that made me feel good this day!

woman cleaning playhouse porch during spring

colorful carpet outside

cleaning playhouse porch spring

picture inside playhouse

girl riding with wooden horse infront of playhouse

small picture of girl on playhouse wall

playhouse book shelve

woman in the playhouse window on the back

teddy bear learning how to ride wooden play horse

mom and two daughters eating ice cream on the playhouse porch

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