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Meet a friend who’s in the similar life situation with you

Parents understand other parents. True. Mothers understand other mothers. More true. Mothers with two small children understand other mothers with two small children. Even more true.

The more similar is the other person`s life situation the better she/he understands yours. Every life situation contains things and details that only a person who has experienced the same can understand.

I have a mother friend who is not only living in the same town with me but who also have a toddler and a baby. Since we got our firstborns we´ve met almost every week. It has have a huge positive effect on my wellbeing. I have been able to share this life situation with someone, its joys and sorrows.

This day we met again – after exceptionally long break that lasted about two months. While looking after four small children we made coffee, had sweet cakes and talked. I´ve missed our get-togethers so much!

It felt so good to talk with someone who really knows what you´re talking about!


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