Mushroom Jackpot!


THIS is why we moved here! my husband said and showed me his basket. The basket was full of porcini! Mushrooms that my husband likes so much. And now, almost right after moving to the countryside, he got the porcini jackpot. I was so happy for him!


So lately, we have dried a lot of mushrooms for the winter. And of course used them fresh for pasta, risotto, pizza and pies. Yummy!


Picking mushrooms from the forest and making delicious homemade food out of them is natural wellbeing at its best!


Porcini season is now over in Finland. Now we wait for the funnel chantarelle season to begin.

Creamy funnel chantarelle soup with freshly baked bread in a chilly autumn day. That’s something special to wait for. I warmly recommend  for you to try it out too! If you´re not able to go and pick your own mushrooms, you can find some dried Finnish funnel chanterelles from “fromFinland” webstore 🙂

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