Unleavened Oat And Rice Bread


The older I become (and as I have become a mom), the more I`ve started to appreciate and like simple recipes which are easy to make. The recipes which are made out of good basic ingredients but which still are delicious. The traditional recipes are often like that. That kind of recipes You`re going to see in SaimaaLife – simple but delicious!

This following recipe is my mom`s recipe. She makes it often when we visit them. It´s one of my favourite unleavened bread recipe (and also Unna`s). My mom said that she has got it from her neighbor who has said that it`s her aunt’s old recipe.

Mom`s recipe

Recipe for the dough:

3,5 dl water

2 dl rice

50 g butter

6 dl milk

2 dl sour milk

2 eggs

3,5 dl oat meals

1 tsp salt

Melt butter in a kettle. Add water to the kettle. As the water is boiling add rice and let it boil until rice is well done.


While rice is boiling, mix together all the other ingredients. Add rice to the mixture and mix it all as an even gruel. Pour the gruel to the roaster and flatten the dough.


Bake the unleavened bread in the oven 250℃ about 15 minutes (until the surface gets a little bit brown).

Enjoy with butter and cheese and with coffee, tea or cold milk!

Unleavened bread

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