The main thing is that you start


I “found” my calligraphy hobby again while planning SaimaaLife

My unfinished calligraphy course

Since childhood I`ve admired beautiful handwriting. Finally, I think it was the autumn 2007, I signed up for a “beginners` calligraphy course”. Already at the first class I knew that this is something I`d like to learn more. Despite of that I was not able to finish the course. The reason was that at the time being I was working very long hours. When I got home from work I felt that I had no energy for anything else, not even the things I enjoyed – like for my calligraphy course.

Althought I quit the course I didn`t forget calligraphy. I decided that some day I´ll arrange time for that too. At that time I thought the time would be when the children had moved out of home and I’d be nearly retired.  But I was wrong – luckily. That time came sooner than I thought.


I`m just a rookie in calligraphy but you have to start somewhere


For me the calligraphy is one way to express myself and be creative

New start for my hobby

Last autumn one evening when Henri and Unna were already sleeping I got an idea. I found my calligraphy pen and started to draw and write. The idea was that I wanted calligraphy to be a part of SaimaaLife. I knew that I wanted my blog be as “handmade” as possible. And I wanted some kinds of ornaments to my blog.

I realized that my calligraphic drawings could be those ornaments in SaimaaLife.

Lily of the valley

I like to search ideas from the nature. This is lily of the valley


I like how you can draw the same thing, like waves, with so many different ways.

Everyone is a rookie in the beginning

Probably if you ask professional he would say that my drawings are not calligraphy. He is probably right but you have to start from somewhere. I have left many things done in my life because I`ve thought that I`m not good enough. That`s silly and I don`t want to do that anymore. That`s why I decided that calligraphy would be a part of my blog already from the beginning.

The main thing is that you enjoy your hobbies and the ability that you can. It doesn`t matter how good or bad you are. The main thing is that you start and not quit in front of hardships.

The only way to learn to become better is practice. 

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