Inspired by Saimaa (Part 3): Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän


Take a look at this photo and imagine water in the pools, lots of green leaves swirling down the rocky walls and twinkling candles all around you shedding their soft light. A fireplace creating warm atmosphere and you relaxing in several types of saunas and maybe having massage afterwards.

Would you like to visit this kind of spa and have a new kind of Finnish lake wellness experience? Well, soon it’s possible here in Saimaa at Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän.

Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän in Rantasalmi is something you need to experience for yourself because it’s a place that is hard to explain. It’s like a little world of its own in the middle of Saimaa lake nature and Finnish Lakeland.

For me, Järvisydän is special because I used to work there and a piece of my heart stayed there when I left. But I know I’m not the only one. You can see this for example in Järvisydän’s Tripadvisor reviews:

Loved it

Brilliant place for total getaway!

Nature tourism at its best!

A place really worth to see

Just like many other people, also I was fascinated by the feeling that I got when I stepped into Järvisydän reception and walked into this world of old Finnish rustic style for the first time.

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Besides the warm atmosphere, the thing about Järvisydän is that you easily forget the time and duties of everyday life there. It happened to me also this time. I enjoyed our three-course dinner at restaurant Piikatyttö so much that I totally forgot to take any photos of the food or different luxurious accommodation options of Järvisydän!

Should you need to be connected, there’s WiFi available everywhere in Järvisydän. But you may lose the interest to use it because the real life, right there and now, just catches your attention so deeply.

Inspired by Saimaa: Experiencing Reindeer Village Porokylä -

What I’ve always loved about Järvisydän is that it’s not only a place to eat and sleep well (although that may be all you want to do) but you can get active, too. All kinds of Saimaa lake nature outdoor activities are available there all year around since it’s close to Linnansaari National Park and co-operates closely with Porokylä Safaris & Renthouse Oravi.

If you want to feel deeply relaxed, the best way is to go nature, enjoy its peace and beauty, move your body, enjoy good food without hurry and have sauna.

Should you arrive in Saimaa in winter, tour skating or kick sledding on the lake is something that I can warmly recommend. This time we went snowshoeing and visited Reindeer Village “Porokylä” which is the new activity destination of SaimaaHoliday Oravi.

Here you can watch our short 360° video from the reindeer village.

In the future, there will be of course the Lake Spa too! While Asaka and I were listening to the entrepreneur of Järvisydän Markus Heiskanen‘s introduction of the Lake Spa, I felt nothing but joy. I was so happy to see one of his dreams come true! And I was also happy for all people who will come to spend unforgettable moments in this unique spa in Saimaa.

I dare to say that visiting Järvisydän makes you feel good. But visiting there is worthwhile also because its effect on your life may be bigger than just a fleeting enjoyment.

Being in Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän inspires. The creativeness that we see there nourishes creativeness also inside of us.

In fact, without Järvisydän there would not be SaimaaLife! So be aware that Järvisydän may surprise you with its uniqueness and its effect on you!

You can watch this 360° video on mobile by opening this link  in your Youtube App. For the best experience, use the virtual reality headset!

After my visit, there’s been a lot of progress at the Lake Spa. 

Actually, the spa it will be ready by the end of this week – 31st of March!

See more photos and videos on Järvisydän’s Facebook page.

More information about Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and Rantasalmi in Saimaa, Finland:


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