By Discovering Nature, You Discover Yourself


Long time no see! It’s time little by little to start publishing new stories here at our blog. Despite COVID-19, I hope you are doing good. Pandemic changed plans of all of us but luckily it has had some positive effects too; us Finns for example it made to spend more time in nature. That’s great, and I hope the same continues also after the pandemic.

You too, start making more time & space for nature  

During the blog break, I’ve got many questions on the state of peace and natural wellbeing that is seemed to transmit from me nowadays. Well, first of all, I have to say that I am not “enlighted” in any way. My life is very ordinary including ups and downs like anybody’s life. But yes, it’s been “a mountain size” thing to heal from depression and workaholism for good plus get over all heaviness that divorce process includes. As the biggest thing, I’ve made almost a decade long journey with myself. Thanks to all of them I notice I’ve reached peace and happiness that is not attached to people, place, emotion – anything. At the bottom, I just feel easy, balanced, and grateful.

What inspires me is that I’ve realized that anyone can reach the same state with themselves! Many have already done it.

I and my kids’ life has now settled to our new home in the village of Punkaharju. The small lakeside house that I was able to rent, feels very much my kind of a home. 

Time spent in nature over the years has played a key role in my life to get here. That’s why, for example, when due to COVID-19 me and my Japanese partners productized the virtual travel concept, at the end of each SaimaaLife Virtual Summer Travel, I have given all travelers the following words to take home with them:  

“I want to encourage you to find your own ways to bring nature into your everyday life. Make time and space for it. Look for the connection to nature, yourself and to others – all life inside and outside of you. Life has taught me that there lies one very important key to a life where you can feel more balanced and better – physically, mentally and spiritually – in a natural way.”

I wanna give this same though to you too. 

I’ve lived this quote real in my life but still, I feel that I wanted to put it to my new kitchen as a reminder. It is so true!

Towards Natural State of Being & Living 

So when I thought about what to say here at our first story after the break, it really is this one. The basis of it is actually the same as with yoga philosophy. I remember how it was said in one yoga book “Just do your yoga practice. Sometimes your practice can be small, sometimes bigger. But just keep doing it.” I’ve experienced that it is the same thing about getting the gifts of nature for your health and happiness:

“Just start exposing yourself more to nature.

When you do that, all good will follow you over time.”

If I think my time spent in nature, it worked very much like yoga; bit by bit, gently and in a compassionate way things and emotions started to come up to my mind – the ones which needed processing. So that over time my being and living were able to become lighter and more authentic & natural self peel out of me.

Besides therapeutical, nature’s wellbeing effects on us include many restorative ones

There are so many ways to be in nature. The simplest is to go to the forest -you can start with city park too- and just sit down. Or lay down. That has been Marianne’s habit already for years, I started a few years ago and now Stiina has started hers too. Nature walks are also another good way. Alone or with someone close to you. 

The thing is TO START. The beginning is always the hardest. Changing one´s life habits is the hardest. Patience is important. That’s why remember the quote;

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Start with something small, something that is executable in your own everyday life, something that intuitively attracts you. Do that, ask yourself “How did it feel in me?” and continue.” 

Remember that you are not alone. These things are hard for us all. We hope we can share support you with our future stories and tips for nature inspired living & being in them.  Plus just transmit nature vibes from our everyday life to lighten your day somehow.

Well, I am so happy that Stiina and Marianne have come to the side of me this year. I hope you’ve already enjoyed their stories at SaimaaLife Instagram and SaimaaLife Facebook. As I said, now it is time bit by bit to recreate our blog. Let the new chapter in our story begin!

This summer I have dug up again my 360° camera. The following clip I took in Midsummer. What a wonderful swim it was! I wish you could experience something similar. After that hiking day with my best friend, I also got a sentence “Life is messy, but nature helps.” to my mind. It felt so good and “own” that I think you’re gonna see that sentence in many places in the future 🙂

 – Mari

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