A Good Enough Level Of Wellbeing And Happiness?


Because my 4th blogging year is about to end, I decided to make something new. A video post, that is. In the video, I talk about a topic that I’ve found to be very important for everyday wellbeing and good quality of life.

Here are few more words about this topic; what is enough.saimaalife-everyday-evening

One evening after ironing, I read an article “How much money do you really need to be happy?”  In the article, there were introduced studies that had shown “that earning additional income will actually not lead to extra happiness, once you have already attained a “comfortable standard” where you have what you need to function and be content.”

The happiest are the people who have enough money, in other words.arctic-power-berries-berry-powder-with-porridge

You can always try to live in a better way or try to maximize your physical and mental health, but what is enough healthy way to live?

easter-cleaningYou can always seek deeper happiness in your relationship but what is enough demanded from the spouse? Or from you?

However, none of us is perfect. We all are human. We all have our weaknesses and burdens on our shoulders. And we all know that a big part of everyday life is anything but roses and butterflies.


“You should do the best with the life that is given to you”.

“You should aim for higher.”

“You should want more.”

That kind of signals we are given in different ways every day. It sucks because it makes so hard to be satisfied and happy with ourselves and our ordinary life. It sucks because those signals are behind of a huge amount of stress, anxiety and depression in this world.

“How to maximize your peace of mind”. There is just something wrong with that headline.
saimaalife-summer-evening-at-homeThis enough thing I’ve been thinking a lot during my four blogging years. It has not been time wasted.

The more I’ve thought about what is enough, the easier it has become for me to feel relaxed and happy even though our house is one big mess at the same time, even though I know that my latest blog post probably includes many grammar mistakes and even though I choose TV instead of exercise in the evening.

“Enough” is a place to stop. It is the keyword for finding a life of balance. Both too much and too little creates stress. “Enough” leaves time and energy for relaxation.” 

That’s what I wrote to my free e-guide in winter. In practice, I’ve noticed it be very true.


In nature, the signals and pressures that are coming outside of us are weaker. That is why nature is a good place to go if you want to minimize the effects of them on your thinking. Separate your own opinion. Hear what your heart says.

spring-outdoorsThat is why I give you an advice:

Go for a walk alone. Go and while walking (or sitting somewhere peaceful) think about the question; Where goes the border that enables you to be healthy AND enjoy your life? Where is the sweet spot that is not ‘too little’ nor ‘too much’, but enough?


Some time ago I read Adele’s interview. The world-famous singer had lost a lot of weight with a strict exercise and diet plan. She looked gorgeous.

However, in the interview, she said: “My life used to be fun. Now I go to bed early every night. I don’t drink any alcohol anymore either. My life has become boring.”

Think about that too while walking.

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