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Making this e-guide was a long process for me. That’s why finishing it was also a big thing.

When my e-guide was finally in my blog, I went cross-country skiing on the lake.


Soon I noticed that my thoughts were already in my next work project.

“No, this can’t go like this!” I said to myself. “I’ve waited so long that my e-guide is ready. I don’t want to just skip this moment and straight away continue to the next one!” 

I felt very annoyed.


I stopped.

I stopped skiing, looked around me a while to calm down. Then I lay down on the snow.

(Yes, I felt myself a little bit silly but I did it anyway. After all, I was in no hurry and there were no other people on the lake.)

I closed my eyes and gave myself a moment to just enjoy that wonderful moment; the moment, when all stress that my work had caused me was finally away and I was able to feel totally relaxed.

It was such a memorable moment!


We easily do things too much in a row. After finishing one thing, we start another. After finishing another, we start the third on and so on.

By doing things non-stop, we’re not only keeping us stressed but we’re losing possibilities to feel satisfied and happy over our achievements and life in general.

That is why it’s important to learn to stop. Find ways to “cut off the row”.from-stress-to-relaxation-with-the-help-of-nature-winter-sunset

So, next time when you finish something big for you, stop. Have a break between your previous and your next project.

Do something you enjoy and what is possible for you to do:

  • Go for a walk or a run.
  • Reward yourself with a relaxed movie evening.
  • Meet a friend.
  • Sleep as long as you like.
  • Have a day off (or even a weekend)

No matter what you choose to do, the main thing is that you give yourself some time, at least a moment, to feel relaxed and be happy over finishing your work before you start working on the other.

from-stress-to-relaxation-with-the-help-of-nature-woman-watching-sunsetIf you find it hard to stop, you can do like I do and practice stopping with the help of nature.

Start for example by looking at the sky. Use nature as a point of focus for your gaze and attention.

If your next work tries to come to your mind, bring your thoughts back to the sky and the work that you had just been able to finish.

Boost your good feeling even by smiling to yourself and saying “I did it!”

I sure did that when I lay down on the snow!evening-sunlight

When you learn to stop between bigger things, you can start practicing it with smaller things to have mini-breaks in the middle of your everyday life.

Stop a while when you come home from work, before you start doing housework.

Stop a while when you finish your dinner, before you get up the table.

I know you have done many things already today and many more is waiting for you.

Stop a while to watch this sunset. Take a couple of deep breaths and watch the clouds passing by.

Remember, it’s OK to stop. 

Download my free e-guide “From Stress To Relaxation With The Help Of Nature”.

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