Cuddle Up With A Good Book


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 55th Way

First, send your husband and toddler to visit grandparents (right before your youngest’s afternoon nap 😉 ). Second, put your youngest one to bed. Third, take  a good book. Fourth, lift your legs up and take a comfortable posture. Finally, relax and enjoy!

My book choice was Finnish psychologist Ilona Rauhala`s book “Kokonaiseksi”. “A healthy soul in a healthy body” is one of Ilona`s guiding principles. I like that and Ilona`s style in other ways too. She writes wise things in an understandable way.

My reading session didn`t last long because I wanted to do some blogging too while Liilia was sleeping and the rest of the family was away. But I read one chapter.

I lay in bed, relaxed, enjoyed the silence at our home and immersed myself in my book. And got energy for days on!





“What kind of a life do you wish to lead? Do you wish something in your life was somehow better, deeper, more meaningful and “more”? How can you live more fully and in a more wholesome way? This personal account challenges women to think about the choices they have made and will make, to find their own goals and to take control of their own lives.” This is what Ilona Rauhala`s book is all about.


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