365 ways to wellbeing – 113th way


Clean up your wardrobe

Too small, too small, too small“. Children grow SO fast!

For a while there has been “Clean the girls´ wardrobes and replace too small clothes with bigger ones”on my “Needs to be done” -list . Not my favorite thing to do. Not because I know from the experience how big and messy job it is. And especially not now because I know that I need to put Liilia`s firstborn clothes away. There’s going to be tears and longing when I do that. It may be the last time in my life when I´m putting away firstborn`s clothes…

But it needs to be done. Because otherwise Liilia and Unna won’t have any  right sized clothes in their wardrobe. And it will wears me out thinking that it should be done but I haven´t done it.

This day I grab the bull by the horns. I emptied girls´wardrobes, took all too small clothes out and put bigger clothes in. I also took winter clothes out and put summer clothes in. And I put aside clothes that I had borrowed from my friends Riikka, Manna, Leila and Mirva for returning. Thank you so much girls!

Unna played happily with the clothes while Liilia watched her playing. I cleaned and tried to prevent a lump in my throat to turn into tears.

I was so so happy when my job was over! Now it´s done and next time it´s not until maybe in October when I need to do the same again!








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