When culture and nature merges


As a mother of a young child my everyday life revolves pretty much around home. My days may be quite monotonous. I like my simple life but I`ve also noticed that some variation for the everyday life is good for my wellbeing. That`s why I was really glad when I got the invitation for the opening of artist Johanna Oras Art Manor.


Johanna Oras is a young generation artist who has said to be an innovative reformer. She has given new faces to an old still life art. Johanna Oras has had exhibitions for example in Louvre Paris, Florence,  Antwerp and in USA Minnesota.

Teddy bears

I want to offer Unna different kind of experiences already at an early stage of her life. Cultural experiences are one of them.


The visiting in the exhibition was exciting for Unna but I was so surprised how interested she was in the paintings. Unna`s favourite ones were the teddy bears.

Culture brings richness and creativity to the life

I don`t mind if someone calls me as “a nature person”. I love the nature and all what it has to offer for my wellbeing and happiness. But as I`ve said the balance in life is important for me . For that balance I feel that I need also culture in my life. My balance is not 50 % of nature/50 % of culture but it`s a relation that I need and I feel it´s good for me.

Cultural experiences bring richness to the life. They strengthen the creativity and give new point of views on life. I feel culture makes that to me. I like the feeling how the cultural experiences take shape in my head and become visible in the details of my everyday life.


Calla is one of the flowers that Johanna Oras likes to paint

Gallery shop

There are so many beautiful things that I would like to buy from Johanna Oras gallery shop


Johanna Oras Art Manor is located in Punkaharju

Best for me is when the culture and nature merges

I`ve noticed that I enjoy the most of the cultural experiences when there are aspects both from the culture and from the nature – where those two merges; like listening the opera in my kayak on a lake outside the Olavinlinna castle. Or visiting Johanna Oras Art Manor which is located in a beautiful nature surrounding in Punkaharju ridge area.

I feel that in the experiences where the culture and nature merges, you can feel both powers, the power of culture and the power of nature. That makes the experience even more stronger compared to separate experiences.

Culture and nature feed and balance each other. 


It`s easy to imagine that the old granary made of logs is an inspirational atelier


Visitors are welcomed to the artist’s atelier. There you can see Johanna Oras making her paintings.


I admire Johanna`s courage to have her own way of life

Johanna and me

Johanna has said that she wants her paintings to give people a touch of romance, thoughts of life, dizzying adventures, playful moments with a twinkle in the eye and souls’ symphony.

I wish you find your own kind of sources of joy from the rich culture and nature experiences. Take them as a part of your life and let them bring unforgettable experiences into your life!

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