New Pics of Happiness



One evening I was browsing through my Pics of Happiness with Unna and again I realized how dear that photo series is to me. Each one of the pictures holds so many memories and stories. I become so happy every time I go through them!

I just added these two new photos to that series. They definitely deserve to be there. I feel happy each time I´m either having a snack outdoors or I´m tasting homemade rye bread that me and my mom have baked. And I remember that despite of all the challenges and sorrows, the life of ours is after all pretty amazing.

Life is full of beautiful little things and precious moments that help you to feel better. The only thing you have to do is to be open to see and enjoy them.

So take a deep breath. Stop for a while. Look around you. Look inside of you. If you would take your pic of happiness today, what could it be? A warm touch of your loved one, a call from a friend, delicious dinner at home, sunny weather after many cloudy days?

What ever it is, try to feel its positive effect on your wellbeing. Be present in that moment and let it give you joy and energy. You may be surprised what an effect it may have on you!


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