Canoeing nurtures the body and mind


I found canoeing that autumn 2009 which I arranged free for myself to think how I want to spend the days of my life. I had done canoeing occasionally already before and liked that. But like with many things in life, despite you want to do something, the reality is that you can`t make yourself to arrange time to do that. Familiar feeling?


Wellbeing and relaxation from canoeing

But that autumn I did arrange time for canoeing. I was amazed what it did to me and how good it felt. I realized how great hobby it`s to take care of both my body and mind. I`m not a technique oriented person. So my canoeing technique was far from perfect -and still is- but it didn`t stop me from enjoying. And the speed is not my thing either. I paddle all the time but the most important thing for me isn`t how fast I`m back home.

For me the thing in canoeing is the sound of water, nature view around me, fresh air and peacefulness. And the feeling afterwards – physically in a good way tired and mentally relaxed feeling.



From canoeing to yoga

That autumn I started also another hobby – ashtanga yoga. And I liked it too, very much. The reason was the same than with canoeing; ashtanga yoga also takes care of both body and mind. Stronger even than canoeing. I realized why going to the gym had motivated me less and less lately; I had changed. Only body point of view was too narrow to me. I had grown to want more from my exercise. And nowadays my favourite hobbies are ashtanga yoga and canoeing!



Have a nice canoeing trips without pressures and with your own style and speed!

If you don`t have your own canoe you can always a rent one or go for an organized canoeing safari. Here in Savonlinna region the best companies for that are SaimaaHoliday Oravi and Holiday Resort Järvisydän.


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