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I love handmade so that`s why I love ILOMIELI Ekodesign. ILOMIELI ekodesign is a one company that I want to recommend to you. Their lovely boutique is in Savonlinna in a beautiful old wooden building called Huvila Suruton. Under the same roof work artisans of Nastapimu and ILONA Rantasalmi.


You’ll find ILOMIELI Ekodesign, Nastapimu and ILONA Rantasalmi at Kylpylaitoksentie 2, Savonlinna

Creative and inspiring crafts

I got to know young entrepreneurs of ILOMIELI ekodesig Jonna and Jenni couple of years ago. I was working as a project manager and my job was to work for the networking of creative businesses like different kinds of artisans and tourism. I interviewed girls and admired how creative and positive they were and how beautiful and inspiring their own style was. At that time I bought a handbag, next time a hat, then a children`s winter overall and a jacket, then some gifts to my friends…I like their style a lot!


You`ll find different kinds of Saimaa and Savonlinna souvenirs from Huvila Suruton


Dresses, skirts, tank tops, accessories

Fashion from recycled materials

You can see clothes and products of ILOMIELI ekodesign here. If you live outside Finland and are interested in ILOMIELI ekodesign clothes, send an e-mail to the girls at ilomieli(at)ilomieli(dot)com

But let the girls tell you what ILOMIELI ekodesign is about:

“ILOMIELI came into being at a Thursday afternoon coffee table. The world needed more positive energy, cheerfulness and bursts of laughter, but also protection and gentle care. These thoughts became the starting points for the pro-environment ILOMIELI ekodesign.

ILOMIELI ekodesign is a collection of clothes and accessories made of recycled materials. The products are made in Finland according to environmentally friendly values. We get the materials from second-hand shops, private persons, and as donations from clothing companies. Different fabrics and prints create our personal look and that’s why almost all products are unique.

An ILOMIELI –product is a piece of nostalgia that creates images and even evokes memories. It is our dream of a bit more long-lasting world.”


I love the colours and atmosphere of Huvila Suruton boutique


Beautiful details


Hats and brisk shirts


This lamp the girls made to their store last christmas

During the summertime ILOMIELI ekodesign and other artisans have summer boutique near the medieval Olavinlinna castle. I`ll show you some pictures later on…

Near Olavinlinna castle along the Linnankatu street there are also other lovely summer shops, restaurants and art galleries. If you`re just one day in Savonlinna during the summertime visit Olavinlinna and Linnankatu. And walk by the lake – definitely see the lake 🙂

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