Motherhood is a topic that wakes up strong feelings. Motherhood is also a very important topic in many woman`s life. Also in my life and that`s why I cannot disregard that in my blog.

I`m pregnant. That`s another reason why it`s difficult to bypass the motherhood topic. I admit also that I love to be a mom. I was dreaming about motherhood already at very early stage. Now, when the life of a mom is reality to me, I see that as important source of my wellbeing.

The baby

Our new family member

When a mother is good the entire family is good

But being a mom isn`t just sunshine. I´ve been a mom only for two years so I´m not an expert. I feel that I haven´t yet faced really difficult situations and challenges of motherhood. If Unna is going to be as difficult teenager as I was, I`m in troubles after about 12 years. The balance and wellbeing, the big goals in my life, are going to be harder and harder to achieve and keep in the future as we have another child. I know that I have enough love and that is what I want. But it doesn`t change the fact that it`s not going to be easy; to share your love with everybody you’d like to, handle the duties and take care of your own wellbeing.

I believe in an old saying ”When a mother is good, the entire family is good”. During the last four months I´ve failed in my own wellbeing project miserably; First 11 weeks of my pregnancy I was feeling bad and tired 24 hours a day. And when at the same time I needed to take care of Unna, study, prepare blog, do housework and give at least a little bit time to my husband. I noticed very often I hadn`t had time for myself at all during the day. No sport, too little sleep, fast food, no lazy hours. The result was clear: a cranky mom. And you can just imagine did the child and husband like that…


18th of November is this baby`s expected date of birth

Keep the stress level in balance

Good thing was that I knew that those 4 months were a temporary period in our family life. I`m not that tired and nauseated anymore, I finished my studies for this spring, my blog is published and I`m able to arrange a little time for myself again.

I feel that the stress is pretty much the same thing as giving birth; you can handle the pain, because you know that it’s going to stop. Temporary stress is good, ongoing stress is bad. Organize your life in a way that it includes only temporary stress. 

And note also that after busy periods in life the lazy hours feel luxurious. They would not feel like that if you would have 24 hours to spend on them.

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