Mom Is Working!


Three hours working alone at the peace and quietness of our home town’s library. Luxurious for a mother who is used to work at home in the middle of family life and housework!

I miss blogging. That’s what I want to say to you. After my Wellbeing Challenge my head is full of thoughts and topics about wellbeing. And I´d like to present all of them to you by writing and photographing. I´m so excited about it! But I don´t have time to do that right now. Unfortunately. I need to work so that I´d have a chance to keep up my blog in the future too.

Sitting in the front of my laptop. Thinking and writing. Planning. More thinking and writing. Rewriting. Working to reveal the big picture of my blog. Working for the changes I want to make. That´s what I´ve done lately and will keep doing during this winter. I SO want to make this a full-time job for me!

A chance to concentrate 100% on my work this day. That made me happy! Peace and quietness of the library was so luxurious! I think I´ve found myself a new office 😉







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