It’s just LIFE.


Something always comes up. And then we fix it.

That was my answer to my husband last summer when asked me what if something comes up with the house where we supposed to spend the whole winter. The house where no one had lived before us during the wintertime.


We´ve been living here for two months now. And yes, something has come up. We knew we’d have to install a fireplace and that project is now happily over. But the air leaks and the damaged log that gave a strange smell to one of our bedrooms were surprises.


Surprises that we´ve encountered made me think again how important acceptance is for our wellbeing and happiness.

Here´s what I´ve noticed…


If you DO NOT ACCEPT that something always comes up in life… 

You waste a lot of time and energy for worrying what if. You may even leave many important things undone because of your worries and fears.

When then something actually happens, you’ll waste time and energy for being angry and disappointed that it did happen. You´re irritated that there are some challenges/problems giving you hard time and more work.

After you´ve fixed what happened, you waste a lot of time and energy for being bitter. Why me? Why didn’t it happen to someone else? And you’ll end up worrying what might happen next.


If you DO ACCEPT that always something comes up in life…

You have more courage to make decisions and choose new because you’re not focusing on worrying. It´s also easier for you to make smarter decisions because you won’t overemphasize either positive or negative.

When something happens, you  won´t paralyze and get depressed about it. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and fix it. It´s also easier for you to see the positive side of what just happened, because you realize, that it’s not the end of world to face challenges.

Afterwards you move on and let go of what happened much faster. You´re even able to laugh about it. You’re able to be happy that you now have new skills and more life experience in your pocket. You gain trust in yourself. You know that you will survive when something not so great happens again.


Do you see what I mean?

Accepting that life will bring unpleasant surprises, always, to us all, is SO important for our wellbeing and happiness.


Acceptance prevents us from wasting our time and energy for comparing our life to others and being envious.

Acceptance makes it easier for us to live with our fears and worries.

And acceptance makes it possible for us to adapt to changes faster and focusing on living instead of crying over spilled milk.


There was a time when I thought that all unpleasant surprises meant just more work for me.

There was even a time when I thought that I can only start living after I’ve fixed all of my problems and challenges.

Now, luckily, I´ve realized that ALL THINGS that happen in my life ARE MY LIFE.

And it has released a huge amount of energy to feel better and most of all, LIVE MORE.


Two months have now passed since we moved. And quite a lot has happened in our family´s life. There’s still a plenty to see and learn I know. Winter is on our doorsteps… 🙂

Something will come up for sure. And when it does, then we’ll fix it.

And we will definitely be much wiser next spring!


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