Happiness is a pregnancy


When I was younger I was afraid not been able to get pregnant. The more I realized that an own child is something that I really want, the more afraid I was. I was the happiest woman on Earth when eventually I got pregnant and felt the first kicks in my stomach.

Soon I´m a mother of two children. My pregnancies hasn`t been the easiest ones. We have talked about the willingness to have a third child someday. However there is a possibility that my third pregnancy would be even more difficult. Too many risks is too many. So this pregnancy may be my last pregnancy. I don`t complain if it is so. I`m happy about my two pregnancies – all of their joys and worries, good and bad days.

Because of these reasons happiness for me is a possibility to experience a pregnancy.

You`ll find all of my pics of happiness here.


Congratulations for all Finnish fathers!

Today it is Father`s day here in Finland. In many countries the Father`s day is in June but we celebrate it in November.

First of all congratulations for my own father and my loved one, Henri – I couldn`t imagine better father for our daughter Unna and for our forthcoming baby. We`ll see whether our new family member decides to born exactly today…

Congratulations also for all other fathers! Remember that you are precious and important both for your children and their mothers. Enjoy your fatherhood as much and as many ways as you can imagine 🙂

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