Breathe Deep And Count To 10


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 35th Way

I was working in the kitchen on my laptop. First Unna fell down and started to cry. Then Liilia started to cry because she got scared of Unna`s crying. Where was my husband? He was in the toilet – with his Ipad…

I thought how to react. First I got annoyed. I was hoping to be able to finish what I had started. That didn`t happen – again. I got annoyed because my husband didn`t show any kind of signs that he would come out of the toilet to calm down either one of the girls.

I closed my laptop and looked at the lake scenery from our kitchen window (yes, lake view is really important for my wellbeing!). I took couple of deep breaths and counted to 10. That was my tiny, tiny meditation moment for the day! Then I decided to first help out Unna and after that Liilia.

I don`t have pictures of that situation. It is just not a situation where you have time or you want to take pictures… That`s why I`ll show you these relaxing pictures from last October instead 😉





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