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Busy parents often struggle of finding a nanny so they could do their own things in peace. It is important of course to have the time just for yourself but in many cases it’s not essential. Sometimes arranging time without children can be so difficult that we start to wonder is it even worth the effort. More often than not we give up and just complain about the situation. But we do have another option that we often forget.

We could arrange the circumstances so that the kids could be with us and still have nice time. And at the same time give our children a valuable lesson. This day I would have prefer to pick up red currants by myself but that was just too difficult to arrange. Other option would have been doing something else and not picking up berries. But red currants were really what I wanted so I decided to take the kids with me!

That turned out to be a good decicion. Unna was so happy to help and Liilia just examined the berries and practised how to eat them. I realized that I was doing something important. I was giving a chance to my children to learn. They were learning how to help, how to eat berries and seeing where their food is really coming from. I’ve noticed that if you give your children a chance to see where the food they’re eating is coming from, they eat it much better. They do understand a lot even when they’re young. After we finished I was so happy that I made the decision to take the children with me. And also I learned something this day 🙂






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