Gather Around The Table With The Family


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 218th Way

Too often our busy lives mean less time with our families. We come home from work, grab something to eat and head on to our evening activities. This is done by both adults and children of the family. It can also be the situation during the weekends.

It’s good to eat together. Just eat and talk. With no TV on, no newspaper infornt of us, no comic books. Just eat and talk.  It shouldn’t be a moment of awkward silence (that it can be without practicing) but a moment of presence, a moment of mindfulness. It’s a time to ask how is it REALLY going. In the long run it can improve relationships between the family members and make the family happier. And happier family means happier life.

This day we gathered around the table to celebrate my father’s birthday. That made me very happy 🙂






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