Get Wellbeing From Mindful Moments


Think about a moment in your life when you were able to be totally present. When you just floated in the moment without thinking about this and that. When you were totally open to life as it was.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since. You´re probably still able to remember the moment and feel it with all your senses. You remember the feelings, the sounds and the scents vividly. It may have been a peaceful moment with your child on your lap, a  moment of love with your spouse or a beautiful moment in nature without hurry.

I experienced that kind of moment in my life this day while watching the sunset. There I was. Just was. I think that kind of moments are the best moments in life. I want to have them more in my life, much more.

I want to live a mindful life because that kind of life is the best life for my wellbeing.


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