Saimaa Lifestyle LIVE360 Broadcasts are Here!


It was actually difficult for me to decide what category to tag this blog story. The reason is that SaimaaLife 360LIVE broadcasts that have now begun, are sometimes about Travel, sometimes Do, occasionally Feel and at times Eat.

In other words and on the whole they will be about Saimaa lifestyle.

At New Year, I published Facebook update that in 2018 I want SaimaaLife to become even more real and authentic than it has been already. Well, LIVE360 broadcasts are one thing to make it happen.

With SaimaaLife LIVE360 broadcasts I want to offer you a new kind of a life inspiration, take you to new places & events in Finnish lakeland. Also, my wish is to offer you a chance to see and experience Saimaa lifestyle more as we who live here, see and experience it. 

For me, LIVE360 broadcasts are a new way to grow further personally. For some, it is easy to step in front of the camera LIVE but for my kind of a personality, it just wasn’t. However, now when I’ve taken this step, I’m excited to do it more in the future. It is said that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Now, I understand that quote better.

(By the way on Facebook I publish UPDATES DAILY so go and LIKE SaimaaLife Facebook if you haven’t already done it. In Instagram, I publish photos almost every day too but unfortunately, there it’s not possible to publish 360° photos or videos. Only photos like this, (which are quite fun too.))

But a few words about upcoming broadcasts… It would be perfect if I could tell you about them beforehand.

If there’s a possibility I’ll let you know about my 360LIVE broadcasts in SaimaaLife Facebook. What is the place and about what time that is. 

You, my dear readers, live in different countries (=different time zones) so, unfortunately, there is no such a thing as perfect timing for everyone. Often the time of the event determines the timing of the broadcast as you know. Also, it’s real life that many good moments come by surprise. Like this one when Kira and Minttu came to visit with horses Hotti and Napsu. Thank you, girls, for visiting us!

What is good is that all my 360LIVE broadcasts are been recorded so you can watch them later on too on SaimaaLife Facebook (choose videos).

Here’s the one that I took on this sunny winter Sunday. 

Note! If you read this post with iPhone, unfortunately, you can’t see the video here. Please, go to SaimaaLife Facebook > Videos to see it (or if you other technical problems to see the video).

All in all, I’m very happy about this new element in SaimaaLife content. I hope you’ll enjoy my broadcasts too.

And to what category I tagged this post in the very end?

Feel was my choice, and the reason behind it was this question that I saw a couple of days ago:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The question made me think about my 360LIVe broadcast dream and the nervousness that I had over it. Yes, we had a huge number of technical problems but I noticed that because of my nervousness I also postponed the first broadcast many times. Now, afterwards, I can’t say anything else than GO FOR IT! Nervousness and fear (of failure) are OK and natural but do not let them stop you doing something that you obviously want to do. Stepping out of your comfort zone is so worth it. It’s the place where the magical growth happens in life.

So, what to do see SaimaaLife 360LIVE broadcasts:

  1. Go and LIKE SaimaaLife Facebook.
  2. Find an old SaimaaLife 360LIVE broadcast from the timeline / videos file.
  3. Open “…” on the upper right corner of the broadcast and press “Turn on Live Notifications” OR press the text “Live Notifications” on the upper right corner of the broadcast so that it will change the color (blue).

After doing that you will get small notification from Facebook every time I start a new 360LIVE broadcast. 

As I said the topics can be many in my broadcasts. Here are some examples that I’ve already done. This first one is the latest broadcast from Cafe Saima in Savonlinna:

This again was an amazingly beautiful and peaceful winter morning at our home:

This following is from Tiisanmäki sheep farm. Welcome to meet cute baby lambs with me to the sheep barn!

Here I give you the recipe of homemade mayonnaise:

And here I introduce to you Hotel Punkaharju‘s rocking chair terrace right before yoga mats have been put on the floor so that yoga weekend can start at the hotel. 

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