When it`s raining…


We had a rainy week. It has rained many times a day, at times a little and at times a lot. We had time to do rainy day activities; we have read, done laundry, visited our friends and just rested. I like rainy days although now I hope that it will not rain for many weeks. I think rainy days are good excuses to give more time for just to be.

Last week we have lived on Lake Pihlajavesi near our home town Savonlinna. Henri wanted to do fishing. Because little rain doesn`t stop fishing, me and Unna spent many evenings between just us girls. We had such a nice time together so I want to tell you what we did.


It was raining again so we decided to spend the evening on the boat


It`s strawberry season in Finland so we bought a lot of strawberries to eat


While eating strawberries we were talking about the baby. Unna is so looking forward to becoming a big sister. The baby was kicking in my stomach. I was happy that also Unna was able to feel the kicks with her hand.


We bought “Ella and Aleksi” coloring book, pens and stickers. Ella and Aleksi are Finnish cartoon characters. Unna has started to like them during this summer.


Unna likes to draw and colour


Ella and Aleksi are made by two musician fathers. Ella and Aleksi CD has sold already platinum so they are really popular among Finnish children.


You can watch many Ella and Aleksi music videos from YouTube. We watched the song “Yöjuna Rovaniemelle” (A Nightrain to Rovaniemi). Btw, did you know that the Santa Claus is living in Rovaniemi Finland?

After the song it was already a time to say good night. It was nice to fall asleep while listening to the rain.

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