When we now have a newborn at home I’ve realized how big girl our firstborn is already. She is a toddler now.

When Unna was born I said to my husband that if I could ever slow down the time, now would be the time to do it. I was so happy. Now Unna is two and a half years old – a toddler, like I said. And still I`d like to slow down time. Babies are amazing but so are toddlers. It is so much fun to follow them grow and learn new skills with a breathtaking speed!

Compared to babies toddlers can already do  a lot of things by themselves. In that way life starts to get easier for parents. On the other hand  new challenges appear when these small human beings learn to speak and find their own will…


Toddlers can and they want to do by themselves

T = Toilet training is going on in a toddler family. Some toddlers learn to use a potty earlier and some later. Accidents happen and  you find yourself washing bed sheets or picking poop from the floor. As a parent you`re impatient and annoyed at times, but when your toddler eventually gets rid of dipers, you`ll find yourself being sad because “my child is already so big” 😉

O = One step at a time a toddler can walk up and down stairs. If you`re living in an apartment building where there is no elevator, like our family, you`re very happy about this skill. Toddler`s motor skills are developing fast – they can jump, climb, run and roll – just to name few of the skills!

D = Decreased need for naps is also a one definition for toddlers. Many parents hope that their toddlers would still take their afternoon naps (especially if there is a small baby in a family). However, often there is more and more days when they don`t take naps anymore. Sometimes they surprise you by taking naps at the same time as your baby – and then it is time for you to rest too!

D = Dexterity develops fast! As new skills see the light you`re able to play in many different ways with  your toddler. They learn to hold a pen, they like to colour, build lego houses and do puzzles. As a parent you`ll have the chance to see what´s going on in your child`s mind and how their imagination starts to develop!

L = Language. First it is just one word, soon another and after a while you find yourself actually talking with your toddler. You need to guess many words because only the beginning or the end of the word may come out right. However, eventually all the letters find their place and your toddlers` “Hyty yytä” is already “Hyvää yötä” (means “Good night”).

E = Emotions. Temper tantrums are typical for toddlers. Toddlers have strong emotions but they do not know how to express themselves. So they may just start  to scream with no visible reason. As a parent you hope that it does not happen in a public place or in a moment when you are really tired. You try to stay calm because you know that it you lose your temper, you`ve lost the game. With temper tantrums toddlers are testing their boundaries because they have discovered that they are separate beings from their parents and that they can have an impact on their surroundings.

R = Reaching for independence. Your toddler learns to be with other people. Your toddler doesn`t need you anymore at all times. They may sleep over at grandma`s. As a parent you need to learn the skill of “letting go”. Sometimes it`s easy, sometimes it`s hard. It helps when you see how your toddler enjoys the possibility to be independent, in a safe environment and with familiar people. You realize that your baby is not just a baby anymore – and you`ll get tears in your eyes again because you`re so proud of your toddler and their development!

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