Let Music Calm You Down For Christmas


Wouldn’t we all liked to calm down for Christmas? To enjoy its beauty with all our senses?

It´s not always that easy because of our long “to do before Christmas -lists”.


This evening was all about decorating Christmas gingerbread cookies. I love to do it with our girls but it was far from calming down for Christmas.


So after our girls and my husband went to sleep, I stayed awake alone.

I warmed up some glogg, put on some peaceful Christmas music and started to decorate our gingerbread house in a candle light.


The power of music is amazing.

Again it took all my stress away and filled me with calmness.


The older I´ve become, the less I need to have a great Christmas. It feels good.

This evening I realized that time without hurries with my loved ones is not the only thing that makes my Christmas. Music is another.


It calms me down for Christmas.

Listening to good music is a thing I want to do more during this holiday season.


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