It´s Time For A Blog Spring Break



“Spring break is a vacational period in early spring at universities and schools in various countries in the northern hemisphere.” I read that from Wikipedia 🙂

From this day on I will start a blog spring break. It will NOT be a vacational period, but a period when I´m working for SaimaaLife blog renewal and forthcoming summer season.

I will publish my next post 10th of May, on the Mother´s Day.

Until then I welcome you to follow SaimaaLife on Facebook. There I´ll publish something daily!


This small blog break will be a way for me and my husband to keep the better balance in our family life and avoid getting exhausted over the work.

There is a danger that it may happen because during the next two months my job is not only to work for the blog renewal. I also have to work for my Sauna Yoga classes and other classes that I´m developing right now. Then my husband has his other job. Together we also need to do some spring time work, prepare our house for summer tenants and move away. Then we need to move for a month to our town home and prepare that for our own summer tenants. Then it´s our boat home and work for it so that it´s livable by the summer. Then of course vegetable garden needs to be done.  And preparations for the next winter, like to get firewood to dry up till autumn.

So it´s time again to make some choices and this is the choice that we´ve decided to make now.


Here we´ll meet again 10th of May.

I wish you all good & sunny spring season before that!

Now I´ll just roll up my sleeves and start to work so that we´ll get all things done before it´s time to start my favorite season, boat life on Saimaa!


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