A Chance To Just Open The Door


Six months behind and three months to go with our family´s “living in a countryside experiment”.

Like I wrote last December, I’ve been enjoying the peacefulness and feeling of security here a lot. We have felt ourselves warmly welcome to this village and it has meant a lot to us.

During past six months I´ve learned that a chance to just open the door and go out means quality of life to us.

We have enjoyed that enormously! I´ve been able to let our children to play outside and do my own work indoors without having to watch them all the time. Or to wear whatever I want and go out too, split the wood, shovel snow or just play with the kids.

Altogether, this possibility have meant more time outdoors for our family.

And I haven’t yet found a reason why it would be better to spend more time indoors than outdoors!


So we´ve enjoyed a lot living in a house instead of an apartment building.

And I´m happy to announce that we will be living in this very same house also next year!!

From next September till the end of May this house will be our home. After that, we´ll see… Let´s hope that things would work out like we would like them to. Keep your fingers crossed! I´d love to see all the ideas that we’ve got while living here in the middle of nowhere (almost) to come alive  😉

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